The 6 Biggest Messaging Apps in the World by Monthly Active Users

If you own a phone or computer, there is a good chance you have heard of several of the top messaging apps in the world. Today, almost every app has a built-in messaging function, but it takes a special kind of trendsetter to become one of the top messaging apps and to rank the highest when it comes to monthly active users (MAUs).

biggest messagging apps

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp may not seem as popular as it once was, but it is still the king of instant messaging with 1 billion MAUs. The popular messaging app was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for a staggering $19 billion.

It is hard to forget how important WhatsApp was and how it completely revolutionized instant messaging apps on mobile devices. Many consider WhatsApp to be the app that killed SMS and ushered in the new age of UX-friendly messaging programs.

2. Facebook Messenger

Even though Messenger tied WhatsApp with 1 billion MAUs, many of the key features that people like about Messenger came from Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp.

Messenger continues to dominate all messaging apps because of how seamlessly it integrates with Facebook, allowing you to strike up quick conversations, share files, and make plans. In a modern digital world, ease of access and speed of use are two of the most important things to consider and Messenger achieves top grades in both of those categories.

3. QQ Mobile

North Americans will not be as familiar with QQ Mobile, but in China, this is an extremely popular app that has an impressive 877 million MAUs. QQ Mobile is owned and developed by Tencent, a massive holding company that owns brands like Riot Games (creators of League of Legends) and many other companies. QQ mobile is the spiritual successor to ICQ, the instant messaging program that is often considered the godfather of instant messaging.

4. WeChat

Like QQ Mobile, WeChat is owned by Tencent and is a more modern version of QQ Mobile and many critics say that WeChat started as a clone of WhatsApp. Still, WeChat’s 846 million Maus is nothing to scoff at. Another key difference between QQ Mobile and WeChat is that WeChat requires a mobile number to register and an account cannot be changed once it registers to a specific mobile number.

5. Skype

Skype used to be the king of VOIP and video chat. While the glory days of Skype are long behind us, the app still boasts an impressive 300 million MAUs. Skype will always have a place in the world of messaging apps because Microsoft will always push the program. Because of this, most Windows users will be encouraged to install Skype, and for many users, it is still their go-to for voice and video calls.

6. Snapchat

Those who use Snapchat, really love Snapchat. The platform is a newcomer when compared to some of the previously mentioned names, but it already has 300 million MAUs. Snapchat has changed the way we interact with each other by allowing users to share various parts of their days on a platform that resets after a set period of time.

Snapchat has managed to capture the attention of the younger generations and is a favorite amongst teens. While the company’s growth has slowed down over the last year, the company did recently go public and is looking for new ways to reinvent itself and continue its torrid growth.

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