Need Legal Help? Just Ask Your Free Chatbot Lawyer

Chatbots have been around for a long time and most consumers have interacted with one in some form or another.


Most commonly, chatbots are associated with retail corporations and they can simplify the shopping process by acting as a personal assistant that caters to our need during our shopping experiences.

Enter Stanford junior Joshua Browder and his chatbot DoNotPay that helps people fight parking tickets. Browder wasn’t interested in following the chatbot standard, he wanted to reinvent it.

And his chatbot isn’t just a gimmick. In fact, it has helped fight 375,000 parking tickets worth an estimated $10 million since 2015, for free.

How Does the DoNotPay Chatbot Work?

DoNotPay helps its clients beat parking tickets by asking them several questions about the situation. It then organizes the answers into a letter template that can help the individual fight their ticket. While this chatbot is far from sophisticated, it provides a primitive glimpse into what the world of chatbots can become with further development.

Setting the Standard

DoNotPay is often considered “the world’s first robot lawyer.” Since its creation, other chatbot lawyers have popped up.

In response to this craze, DoNotPay has since evolved to provide free legal aid to the homeless and to help refugees who are seeking asylum in the United States and Canada.

Another popular legal chatbot is LawBot, which was developed in the United Kingdom to help victims of crime to review their case and to provide them with a preliminary assessment.

Other major legal chatbots include:

  • Coralie: a virtual assistant that helps survivors of military sexual trauma connect with relevant services and resources to help them overcome their struggles.
  • Docubot: A chatbot that skims lawyer’s websites and helps individuals draw up legal documents.
  • LawDroid: A simple chatbot that helps a business incorporate for free through their smartphone
  • Legalibot: This Spanish legal chatbot helps users create legal documents and contracts through Facebook Messenger.
  • Lexi: An Australian chatbot lawyer that helps users create a free privacy policy and non-disclosure agreements.

Why Does This Matter?

With artificial intelligence (A.I.) rapidly developing, we aren’t too far off from a day where chatbots will be actively used to simplify several facets of our daily life.

Whether they help us start or overcome lawsuits, choose what show to watch, streamline our business operations, or provide useful suggestions to simplify our lives, chatbots will heavily benefit from advancements in machine learning and A.I.

Using the parking ticket example, imagine a world where chatbots serve as our personal lawyers for legal advice and are capable of drawing on an infinite database of legal precedents to help us solve our legal troubles.

If you are interested in Chatbots or want to learn how your business can benefit from one, feel free to contact us here at Botway today.

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